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Congratulations, LatinX Bruins!

We congratulate YOU on your acceptance into UCLA. Your journey as a prospective Bruin has only begun. 

The Latinx Admit Weekend invites you and your family to our annual Latinx Admit Weekend virtual summit. We aim to support all Latinx Admits into success through workshops, resources, keynote speakers, and networking. Make sure you RSVP to one of the most popular events of the student transition process. 

Vuela con nosotros mas alla del cielo


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Reviews from Previous Admits

My favorite memory was how supportive and lit the side chat box was. It definitely helped me feel more enthusiastic and excited to become a Bruin, and reassured me that despite entering university in a pandemic, there’s lots of other Latinx freshmen out there who are just as energized as I am.

Amy, 2020

I really appreciated how the whole event was transferred to an online platform and there was so much hard work put into it to foster community. The gear was beautiful and everyone was so welcoming and amazing!

Micaela, 2020

I met someone who at first I thought I’d only talk to for the weekend but we ended up having the same major and we both have the same scholarship at ucla.

Jonathan, 2020

One particular thing I remember from the CPP professor who was our Keynote speaker was when he spoke about being a minority student and facing impostor syndrome. UCLA in particular has an unmistakable brick facade. He told us that when we feel out of place to look at the bricks and know that while we are the first generation in our lineage to attend as students, it was our ancestors (Native American, Chicanx, and Latinx laborers and artisans) who made and laid those bricks. It wasn't built for us but it was built by us and we can continue the trend of hard work.

Micaela, 2020

I was already SIR’d (registered) to go UC Berkeley but I just went to the weekend to check it out as I had nothing else to do. I realized how much better UCLA was compared to UC Berkeley - at UCLA the Latinx community was so present and welcoming to me and I did not feel that at UC Berkeley. This weekend basically convinced me to unregister from the school I had committed to already. If that does not tell you how powerful Latinx Admit Weekend and the community at UCLA is, I do not know what will.

Alma, 2017

When I got accepted to UCLA while being homeless one of the chairs of the committee really helped me oversee my financial situation so that I could be okay to attend UCLA. I am so grateful for the admit weekend. I found community, trust, and felt that everything was going to be okay in the end. I'm now a part of the committee in hopes that I can offer the same comfort that was provided to me. 

Aaliyah, 2020


If you were unable to have your question answered by the FAQ or anywhere else on the website, please don't hesitate to ask us any question you may have! Responses make take up to 7 business days.

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