About Us


The Latinx Admit Weekend began as Raza weekend in 1999. Our mission has since remained the same: to support and empower Latinx students through higher education. The Latinx Admit Weekend Committee is entirely comprised of current UCLA undergraduates who have generously volunteered their time and energy to make this event possible. 

The aim of Latinx Admit Weekend is to provide an empowering space for prospective Latinx bruins. We aim to foster a community of support and friendship through a weekend filled with cultural performances, guest speakers, networking, workshops, and family-building activities. Ultimately, we provide students with the knowledge, resources, and community to thrive as students of color at UCLA.

The Latinx Admit Weekend committee acknowledges the flaws within the Latinx community (e.g. colorism, machismo, homophobia, etc.) and works to educate prospective Bruins on these sensitive, yet necessary topics. We work to provide an educational and nurturing environment for all members regardless of their cultural and racial identities.

Meet the Team of 2022
(M)=Major , (m)=minor